The Dark Empire
                   Sithian FLag

(The Sithian Flag)

Basic InfoEdit

The race called the Sithians (after their God Sithis and the planet Sithia) make up the Dark Empire (DE). Dark, strict, and brutal (their body basically like a dark zealot)t he SIthians are a very powerful race. Also, their body is much weaker while in the light. Since the Sithians get their energy from the darkness, they do not need to eat or drink. Flag The DE’s Flag orginates from the original Sithian Tribe Flag. In the center, depicts the Dark Star, or the Black Sun that is the star for Sithia’s solar system. The negative dark energy givin off by this sun is what gives the Sithians their great power. The Black Sun is also the Symbol of the DE.


The Sithian philosophy is that a nations power comes from sheer military force, so it is their sole purpose to create the best soldiers they can. It is a very discipline as well as organized force. The soldier are all equipped with a plasma wrist blades, rifle, and personal body shield, backed up with heavy black armor. This combination of weapons makes the Sithians a very stout fighting force.

(Closest thing to what a Sithian would look like)


        As the Sithian enters the Military, he is deemed a Recruit until he completes basic training, then he is granted Private, and thereafter Private First Class (PFC.). The NCO Ranks Follow the traditional as follows:
                                   * Staff Sergeant
                                   * Sergeant First Class
                                   * Master Sergeant
                                   *Sgt. Major                 
                                  *Cmd Sgt Major
        Sithian Officer Ranks are as follows:
                                   * Lieutenant
                                   * Templar (Head of Company)
                                   * Archon (Head of Legion)
                                   * Lord (Head of Division)
                                   * Judicator (Head of Corp)
                                   * Liberator (Head of a Liberation Legion)
                                   * Executor (Head of the Leberation Forces)
                                   * Arbiter (Second in Command after the Premier, Assisstant Commander and Chief)

In addition, a high ranking officer can achieve a title of Avatar which is a very esteemed rank. Only a select few are commissioned as Avatars. The Premiers are all commissioned as Avatars, but there have only been three others who have achieved this title.

The military is divided into legions, which are categorized depending on the skill of the soldiers.

                                   Basic Legion: It speaks for itself, the Basic legion is simply the fresh soldiers right out of training, or ones that haven't been promoted yet.
                                   Armed Legion: The Armed legions are slightly better than the Basics. It is relatively easy to gain membership to these.
                                   Dark Legion: These are the best of the previous two legions. The Darks make up 35% of the army and are a very good, universal unit.
                                   Immortal Legion: The Immortals are an incredibly strong legion. The soldiers are very experienced and can handle any assignment.

                                   Liberation Legion: The Liberation Forces are the best troops the DE has to offer. You are only allowed membership if you pass specific test, which are demanding both mentally and physically. In addition, you must have served as an Immortal for at least thirty years, and have a personal recommendation by at least a Lord. The Liberation troops are the very best of the best and are only called upon if truly needed.


        Sithia is located in a deep corner of the universe, and serves as a good retreat point and home planet for the DE. The dark planet has four moons: Talos, Nocturnal, Dagon, and the smallest one, Azura. It has been there home ever sense the beginning of their creation.



      This Sithians take their religion very seriously. There is one God, Sithis (or also called the Dread Father) and is very respected. The Sithians are a Evil, and Dark Race as encouraged by their religion. Sithis is the Dread Father,  that created a number of evil races. His best and most powerful creations were the Sithians. They are a very religious race, and believe that the premiers can even speak with him, even though he can not physicly interact with anyone in the this demension, he can offer advise and so forth. The Sithians Truly live for their God, and other races could find it humorous how loyal they are. They always greet one another by refering to Sithis, and the same when they leave. Example, the most commonly used is: “Walk Always in the Shadow of Sithis, Dear Brother. All Sithians believe in the Religion, there have not been any heretics ever besides the Manian Revolution. This is Inspired through Personal choice, not by fear from the Government. Sithians Understand that Not all other races share the same believes, but do demand that others do not dishonor them. To do so would invoke rage to even the most  disciplined Sithians.


        Unlike the Contek, the DE’s Government, and Politics are very passive. The nation is very militaristic, and all of the effort is spent into producing troops, which does not leave much behind in order to develope a complex government.
        The Sithian Government is mostly similar to a Constatutional Monarchy. The Premier is at the top, and holds absolute power over the nation. However, there are two Councils that help the Premier and advise him: The Senate, and The Conclave. The Councils also hold emergency powers to impeech the Premier if he becomes corrupt, however such a thing has never happened. The Premier, Arbiter, and Executor are mainly in charge of all wars. However, The Councils play a great role in Wars as advisors, but play a greater role as they are in charge of laws and other decisions non militaristic. The Premier holds the power to oversee, and overturn these laws made by the Council, but it is usualy not necessary.

'The PremierEdit

        The First Premier, Xendor was so great and powerful it is said that he was the actual enbodyment of Sithis Himself. All of the Premiers have been direct decendants to Xendor. Each Premier is energized by somethin called “Magic Energy” that only the Premier can use. This gives him extraordinary power both mentaly and physicly. He has exceptional leading capalities aswell as a powerful body for fighting. Any Premier has crushed any oppomet he has encountered. However, there are two known exceptions. The Apoc Master has strength far exceeding the Premier’s, obviously because he eazily killed the current Premier. Also, During the War on the Imperials, the previous Premier was rivaled in kombat by the Imperial Emperor. Besides these two exceptions, no other foe exists that can match the Premier, except perhaps the Charman of the Contek, but no such battle has ever taken place. It is Impossible to say, no DE has ever known what exactly the Chairman’s Strength limit is.



        In the Beginning, the many tribes on Sithia were divided and leaderless. The world lived in constant anarchy as the different factions warred each other. These tribes failed to gain much power until the legendary Xendor came to power. Xendor was the most powerful Sithian in history. The current Premier is still a direct descendant from him, however the rest of the Premiers were only half as powerful as Xendor, but they all share immense power.  Xendor was able to unite the different factions and ultimately became the first Premier of the Dark Empire.
        The DE started to expand, and absorbed many planets and systems. They continued to sweep across space until they found their rivals-the Imperial Empire. Like the DE, the Imperials (IMPS) occupied about one-third of the solar-system. For many years these two super powers warred each other for total control of the universe. They fought each other in multiple wars and the fighting did not stop until both powers underwent a revolution. The Imperial revolution was much worse than the DE’s (read about it in Contek history). Basically, the short but very bloody war ended up in the traitors forming their own empire called the Contek Federation (CF). Even though the Contek soldiers are individually slightly weaker than the others, their super technology and brilliance makes them a force to be reckoned with.
 The Sithian Revolution began when about one-third of the nation thought that the Darkness was evil and that the empire should see 

the Light. The leader named Gabriel united the revolutionist to form the Manian Movement. The Manians were the Light version of the SIthians, and had the same powers but just in a “gooder” form. The Premier declared that the revolutionists were heretics, for going against the teachings of Sithis and had to be exterminated. The Sithian Revolution lasted five years before the majority of the traitors were put down, the remainders fled to a far corner of the galaxy to plan the construction of their own empire. The SIthians have searched many years for the traitors but have never found them.

     The Manians used the same ships as the DE during the Revolution. The Sithian Cruiser (Top) is what makes up the majority of each fleet, and is roughly 2,000 m Long, by 1,250 m wide. The Sithian Destroyer (Bottom) is the backbone of the Sithian Navy, and usually about 7-10 to a fleet. The larger Destroyers can even be the Capital ship to some smaller fleets. There are a wide variety of Sithian ships, but usually, the Dreadnought is the pride of their Navy. They are 20,000m long, and are almost always the capital ships of fleets, so you rarely see 2 together. All ships are equipped with shields and plasma weapons, and depending on its size has a number of fighter squadrons, anwhere from 10-50 with 15 fighters per squadron. Most of the ships have bombardment capabilities.
    After the revolutions of both the Imperials and Sithians, the relationship between them remained in a neutral status. After the war with the Imperials, the legendary Xendor died from an unknown cause. The border was kept heavily guarded but the two powers were in a unsteady truce, the war could start again at any time. However, they were forced to join forces when the Apocalypse arrived.....

The First Apoc WarEdit

        About twenty years after the Imperial Revolution, their were reports of strange creatures attacking their borders. These creatures came to be known as the Apocalypse (Apoc) Forces. The Apocs were as fierce as they were numerous and attacked brutally without mercy. Since these creatures appeared to be incredibly strong, The Contek, IMPS, and DE were forced to (at least temporarily) put aside their differences and join forces, they came to be called The Three Great Powers.
        The first Apoc War lasted for many years and even the combined strength of the Three Powers was not enough to stop the never ending hordes of the Apocs. They did have one advantage though, the Apocs had not yet found the capitals of any of the Three Powers. This bought some much needed time for the Powers to find a weakness. Contek scholars soon found of an ancient sword that had the power to destroy the leader of the Apocs (the Apoc Master). They also found that if the Apoc Master was destroyed, all of his minions would perish as well, the entire race would be destroyed. Finding the Sword was not to hard of a task, the real challenge was finding the Master. Soon after more Contek scholars found the location of a portal that lead to the very Dimension of the Apocalypse. All three Powers sent the entire army into the dimension in one last push to try to get to the Apoc Master. After a long and bloody struggle they finally found the location of the Master. There the leaders of the Three Powers (The Emperor of the IMPS, Premier of the Sithians, and Chairman of the  Contek) infiltrated his palace and  went into an epic battle with the Master while their forces held off the Apoc Forces outside. To make matters worse, the Apocs back in the physical dimension had found the location of the capitals and were putting them under heavy siege. However, the three leaders where able to defeat the Master with the legendary sword, and save the universe, or so it would seem.....

The second Apoc WarEdit

After the first Apoc war, everyone thought that the universe was safe, the Three Powers lived in an alliance even though the DE and Contek were rivals and the IMPS felt bitter toward the Contek for breaking off from them. However, exactly ten years after the end of the Apoc War, there were again sightings of the Apocs. This time they went straight for the Contek Capital and launched full scale invasion of it. To make matters worse, the Apocs brought in a never before seen huge space gun and used it to blow up the Contek capital in a single shot. The forces were forced to retreat to the IMPS capital, Immrahil and regroup. The Apocs then launched an invasion of Immrahil, but this time the Powers were ready. All three nations had forces defending on all four of the IMPS moons, as well as many fleets and space cannons of their own. At first the Invasion was nothing, just some Apocs that were attacking before the arrival of the main force. However, an Imperial general named Vassil was captuered and was attempted to be infested. He would have surely been turned into an Apoc if he wasn't rescued just in time. Once he recovered his senses, he told of a massive Apoc force of Trillions of troops with thousands of Planet destroyers. The powers did all they could to prepare for this but in the end it was all for vain. The Planet Destroyers easily blew up the moons that forced all survivors to retreat to Immrahil. This witch brings us to current time. The Aopocs are mobilizing and preparing to attack Immrahil. The fact that the Planet Destroyers are not killing the planet leads us to believe that there is something here that the Apoc Master wants. Who knows......we will just have to wait and see what fate has in store for The Three Great Powers.......


         The Sithian race has a number of legends. Some of these have been approved by the Senate and Conclave to be true, while others are still shrouded in mystery.

Xendor as the embodiment of SithisEdit

A mere myth, the history of Xendor is so old, that some of it is not fully known. However his power and nationalism was so great, early Sithians believed he was in fact Sithis. This has been debated many times, however when the Senate and Conclave officially addressed it, they ruled that it was impossible, Sithis cannot physically interact with this world. However Xendor was most likely the first prophet of Sithis, and most likely had direct contact with him.

The Pulsar MineralsEdit

    Back in the Ancient Times, when Xendor had built the DE into a resctable sized empire it is said that Sithis himself took him to the heart of an unknown planet. How he was able to do this is unknown, Sithis is unable to interact physicly with anyone in this demention. There they blessed some minerals to give them extraordinary power. They were called the Pulsar Minerals. The DE has found these minerals only very recently, and awarded them to the best Legions. Since Sheoth has told this tale to be true, and the Minerals have been found, the Senate and Conclave have agreed that this legend is true.

Sithis involvment in the battle with the Apoc MasterEdit

    At the epic battle with the Apoc Master at the end of the first Apoc war, Xendor and the rest of the forces there were in the immortal demension of the Apocolypse. In that case, Sithis could take a physical form, and interact with us. No sightings of him were made, but Xendor did say that he fetl a supernatural strength that he didnt have before while fighting the Master and that it could have easily saved his life. Due to this case lacking evidence and stil haveing unanswered questions, the Senate and Conclave are still debating it, but the real answer may never be reached.